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I. Maldivas, Sri lanka i India, 2016/2017, busco peña para ir

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Tom Sawyer, Mar Sep 13, 2016 11:10 am

Hiiii, travelers, this is my first plan at the moment (I can change....), I will arrive in I. Maldivas like 23 of november 2016, will stay there like one week maximum (depends the money) , after will take a plane to colombo (Sry Lanka) will stay there what we will need for visit and hiking, and after will take a boat or plane to the south of India, and will go direction to Delhi, will see tha carnaval in Goa and Holy in a north of India.... I will take the final ticket planet for return to barcelona, in a final of March 2017, If you want to come, tell me, I am a openmind and easygoing man!!! cheers

PD: if you want to help us and have a place for a sleep, please tell me

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Paparuta, Jue Nov 17, 2016 5:12 pm

Buenas tardes,

Cuando se supone que vas al norte de la India....yo tengo intención de estar allí del 3 al 21 enero. Quizás podamos coincidir.

Un saludo. Disfruta tu viaje.


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