Dos semanas en Polynesia

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dontplayahate, Mié Feb 12, 2014 12:18 pm


Durante las vacaciones de Navidad 2013 (año nuevo 2014) pasamos dos semanas inolvidables en French Polynesia.

The best way to travel around Polynesia is to purchase an Air Tahiti Pass that allows you to discover more than one island in the same trip. It is well worth the money as the islands are very unique. So you can experience different flavors during your vacation.

Here's our split, flying from one island to the next:

- Moorea : 3 nights

- Raitaea: 1 night (*I'd recommend 2 nights, assuming that a tour around Taha'a is secured)

- Bora-Bora: 4 nights

- Rangiroa: 3 nights

- Fakarava: 2 nights

- Tahiti: 2 nights

Polynesia is a great diving destination too. The best diving spots are the atolls in the Tuamotus (Rangiroa, Tikehau, Fakarava) because they offer pretty coral & large animals like sharks, manta rays, dolphins and even whales (July to October). To do it economically, you should go for the Te Moana Pass which is a multi-island pass so you can purchase 10 tanks at once and use it in one of the 16 dive centers spread around 11 islands, as you like.

Given the long flight just to get there (8h from LA, 12h from Tokyo, over 20h from Paris) this is not a budget destination, but is doable on a midrange budget. But you will have to accept rustic locations, family pensions, cold water showers & non-drinkable taps. If you enjoy great hotels at low prices, maybe you should try in Thailand or Bali.

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