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llikchary, Dom Ene 07, 2018 8:37 pm

We, Danny and Gabriel, youngs Kichwa from Sani Island
community located in the Yasuní biosphere reserve. Llikchary is
Happy to present your Expedition Tours. Our tourist products are
the services focus on satisfying the pleasures of adventure,
knowledge and culture, which is one of the ancestral nationalities
with the richest knowledge and wisdom of the jungle. And with mother
nature guaranteeing a unique experience

Llikchary is a Kichwa word, which means to wake up, open your eyes and
appreciate all the things you have. This is how we visualize
creating this project with the aim of creating new opportunities and
direct benefits of the inhabitants of the community.

The purpose of this project is also to provide economic information and
educational opportunities for the local community through education
and through what the jungle has to offer while educating and
involving all of its visitors in traditional activities, Llikchary
constantly prepares the young people of the community to face
sustainable productive challenges that allow us to improve our
quality of life. This also means that our youth is constantly giving up
to work opportunities with oil and logging companies.

It is worth mentioning that our offer will allow you to live a stay
in the best ecolodges with a style of the jungle. Llikchary provides
the comforts of a room, we provide food, fluvial transport, private
Cabins and everything specified in our packages. We ensure security
during your stay, it is in the hands of our bilingual native
guides that have training and certification and several years of
experience in this field [url][/url] contac us
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